Our Philosophy

United Bank of Africa is a globalised financial institution

that offers banking oriented services such as Account Management, Funds Transferring, Statement of Accounts, Authentication, Investor Relations, Corporate Banking and more.. .

Our Mission

To foster economic and financial growth for all our cliental base.

To provide a high end technological customer services accomplished with positive experience

What We Do

We provide platforms for online banking services, Internet facilities, Offshore Banking

Investor Relations, Corporate Banking, Corporate Social Responsibility, Personal Banking, Project Financing and more.

Our Team

We have competent and reliable technical and administrative team that supports all transactions and operations designated by the Institution. We offer high-end productive service with impeccable records in Financial Management, International and Investor Relations.


Business Information System

We apply Information Technology Infrastructure in all our operations ranging from Procurement, Communication-Customer Sevrvice, Management, Administration, Logistics,Electronic Commerce and other Electronic Businesses.



We are connected to a unified group of Companies with a branched based architecture governing the entirety of Operations. We operate to all branches worldwide and communicates with all investors on the International platform.



We permit prospective clients to open a corporate Account that allows them to access all funds from Project Financing across Asia and North American Continent.



We have tremendous investments across all the Regions where our offices and branches resides, that is from America, Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and SOUTH American continent too.